Foreign trade

The MOTO ARMIA company provides brokerage services in trade with member states of the European Union and countries outside it.

Firma moto-armia sp. z o.o. ƛwiadczy usƂugi w zakresie poƛrednictwa w handlu z paƄstwami czƂonkowskim Unii Europejskiej, oraz paƄstwami spoza niej. The subject of our intermediary are weapons, equipment and all military and police products as well as dual purpose wares.

We offer full range of services for import to Poland and export to foreign contractors.

As part of our concession (nr B-029/2012) for trafficking weapons, technologies and equipment of military and police origin, we have implemented the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management system certificate and the internal control system WSK.

Please direct your inquiries to:

MOTO-ARMIA Sp. z o.o.
78-600 WaƂcz
ul. KiliƄszczaków 40 B

VAT nr: 7651688604
Regon: 321146979
PLN account: BPKOPLPW PL 86 1020 2847 0000 1002 0115 3204
€ account: BPKOPLPW PL 03 1020 2847 0000 1502 0121 9443